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The Effects of Divorce are numerous and often overwhelming. We have compiled a list of site that are helpful in dealing with the effects of divorce, aid families struggling with divorce, and provide guidance to parents of children going through a divorce. Feel free to contact us if you have a site that you feel enhances this effort, and we will do our best to get it posted here in the links section as soon as possible.

The Effects of Divorce- Resources, Information and techniques for minimizing the negative effects of divorce on children, financial stress during a divorce, and how divorce effects everyone around those going through a divorce.

Divorce Rate in America – Historical National Divorce Rates are gathered at this site, along with resources and National Divorce Trends.

Divorce Rate in California - Historical California Divorce Rates, Statistics and the effects of high tech, employment, immigration, and politics on the rate of divorce in California is reviewed.

Rates of Divorce – Divorce rates are effected by many factors, and rates divorce can change from month to month or year to year. To better understand how these external factors impact families and the divorce rate, visit this site.

Narcissistic Ex – The web’s NUMBER ONE Website relating to divorce and the narcissistic ex. If you married a narcissist, or someone with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) be sure to visit this site and find out what it is like to live with a narcissist and divorce a narcissistic person. A no-holds-barred look at a real life ongoing struggle with a narcissist!

Divorce Tactics To Win – The #1 Ranked internet book for Tactics to win your divorce! Written by Divorce Coach Michael Thomas, this in depth look at several of the most effective tactics to win a divorce are exposed with clear and concise instructions anyone can follow. Read “Divorce Tactics To Win” today!

New Divorce Tactics – One of the best blogs for those who are considering getting divorced, tips and tactics compiled from bloggers on the internet as well as Experts in the Divorce Industry, learn some of the latest and newest divorce tactics!

Divorce 360 – An excellent resource for people who are actively embattled in a divorce, Divorce360 is a wealth of information that cannot fail to provide information you will appreciate if you are going through a divorce.

Bay Area Divorce Coach – The leading “Hybrid” Divorce Coach in the nation, 25 year divorced father and veteran divorce advocate now Coach, Michael Thomas takes a real-world approach to divorce and the many intricate complexities surrounding both the emotional and physical demands of divorce. If you need a “partner” in your divorce, there is no one you would rather have on “your” side than Divorce Coach Michael Thomas.

My Divorce Coach – Why do you need the services of a Divorce Coach? And if you do, then how do you go about working with a Divorce Coach? Find out everything you want to know about the benefits of a divorce coach at My Divorce Coach.

Download the GREAT RECESSION AND MARRIAGE Report FREE from the University of Virgina National Marriage Project. Excellent resources and information on Marriage, Divorce and the Economic Recession.

Download the STATE OF OUR UNIONS Report FREE from the University of Virgina National Marriage Project. In-depth look at marriage and divorce in 2010-2011 and where American families may be headed.

Estate Planning After Divorce is crucial to protecting your family past and future from unexpected surprises. 


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